Aerial Work Platforms Course (Theory)

Aerial work platforms online course includes only the theoretical part, practical assessment should be completed in class in order to get a certificate (free of charge).
The aerial work platforms (AWPs) covered in this training program are limited to - portable (non-self-propelled) aerial work platforms as covered by CSA 1 - self-propelled elevating work platforms as covered by CSA 2 - boom supported elevating work platforms as covered by CSA 4 When used properly by trained workers, these machines provide safer, more efficient access than traditional methods in many construction operations. The use of AWPs has grown tremendously in recent years. There have been relatively few accidents involving the equipment. But when accidents do occur they can be very serious, resulting in injuries or fatalities and extensive damage.


Fall protection training (Working at heights) Workers must receive fall protection training before taking part in Aerial Work Platforms in Construction training. Section 26 of the construction regulation (Ontario Regulation  213/91) requires that all workers who work at heights must be trained in fall protection. Propane training Workers who will be responsible for fuelling a propane-powered machine must have up-to-date propane training before fuelling the machine. The law requires that all workers who handle propane must receive propane training.  
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  • duration 30-60 minutes
Price $125