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WHMIS is for any person exposed to hazardous materials in the workplace. It is by law to have all personal properly trained on Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS). Our WHMIS (GHS) Certification training program has been developed to meet and exceed the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. This course can be completed in the convenience of your work place or inside our training facility located in the Greater Toronto Area. DURATION: 2-3 hours, depends on experience. REQUIREMENTS: Valid piece of ID. CERTIFICATION: WHMIS (GHS) Certificate. This course will address the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) which includes two types of hazard classes specific to WHMIS 2015: physical hazard classes, which represent hazards relating to physical and chemical properties; health hazard classes, which represent hazards to health arising from exposure to a substance or mixture.   It is an employee’s responsibility to participate in WHMIS safety training, take necessary measures to protect themselves and co-workers, and to properly identify and control hazardous materials. The employer must ensure that hazardous materials are properly labelled, to have MSDSs available, and to offer education and training about the products in the workplace. All employers are required to show diligence in ensuring their employees are WHMIS trained. WHMIS systems must be reviewed every year, including some measure of training. With this WHMIS program, training history and exam results are stored for a minimum of three years and may be accessed on demand, at any time.   Workers in different fields require workplace specific instruction in addition to general training. Our instructor-led WHMIS course has been developed to provide information that exceeds Ministry of Labour regulations including topics such as ‘Exempt Products” and “Consumer Product Symbols”. Young workers especially need this information to protect themselves and others as they learn to navigate through workplace safety responsibilities.   We can also work with your company to develop and deliver a customized WHMIS program that engages your workers in the classroom setting and educates and empowers them to operate safely on the job. Workplace specific products and procedures will be incorporated into your lesson plan.   Course Outline: Section 1: Introduction Section 2: Understanding the Hazards Section 3: Controlling the Hazards Section 4: WHMIS Labels Section 5: Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Test